Don’t Wait For Someone Else

Do you want to know what I am SO tired of, right now? How SO many Christians aren’t doing the right thing. How SO many Christians are NOT stepping up and helping others. ESPECIALLY in the controversial, NOT feel-good things. Like, abortion. Or homosexuality. Or transgenderism. It’s like we’ve decided that either “somebody else willContinue reading “Don’t Wait For Someone Else”

There is Freedom

I know that many people say that once gay or transgender, always damned to hell. But, listen. JUST BECAUSE YOU’VE HAD SEX WITH THE SAME GENDER, OR YOU’VE BEEN TRANSGENDER, DOES NOT MEAN YOU’RE DAMNED TO HELL. God hates sin. But He loves sinners. He HATES what you’ve done and are doing, but He lovesContinue reading “There is Freedom”

We’ve Partaken In A Feast of Children

Not only have we strayed from the idea that life starts at conception and therefore we may choose to end it as soon as possible, but we have now come to the conclusion that it is perfectly moral for us to ingest the tissues of a fellow human being. A company out of California (specifially,Continue reading “We’ve Partaken In A Feast of Children”

You Are Rejoicing Wrongly

I full believe that we need to love everybody, always. But we CANNOT rejoice in a person’s sin, with them. The website and church, Believe Out Loud, is a straight-up defiance of God’s Word. Telling people that God makes others gay and transsexual. That bisexuals and lesbians may freely proclaim and celebrate their sin, withinContinue reading “You Are Rejoicing Wrongly”

all the LIES.

Rather than use our minds and come to the conclusion that we were born with the right sex, we have concluded that we may choose what we want to be. That what we come into the world as, whether black or white, male or female, feline or equine, murderer or saint….we may choose. Because, weContinue reading “all the LIES.”